Deer Management

Deer Management

Deer can be quite a problem in areas where the animal’s natural habitat and food sources are being eliminated by man or natural disasters. These animals are harder than other wildlife to repel from unwanted areas due to their size and food requirements. In many cases the deer seen in gardens are starving and can be quite persistent in foraging on ornamental plants, fruit trees and vegetable gardens.

Having the odd deer appear in your garden should not really be a concern, especially as they are so beautiful – but be warned, usually deer travel in a herd, if they think they have found a large garden where the owners actively encourage their visits – before you know it you can have a major problem on your hands!

Usually during the winter months when food is scarce, they will target large gardens and landdscapes and can eat your garden clean in no time at all!

Persistent Deer

Here a few methods of deterring errant deer:


Depending on budget and practicality, electrical fences can be a good detterent for deer or if you decide to set up your own DIY fencing, you should aim to erect your fencing at least 8 feet high, this fence should be of a strudy nature, either use Metal or Solid wood – deer are not an extremely intelligent animal as if they see a large barrier they will not see what is on the otherside of it and will not be able to physically jump a fence which is 8 feet high.

Gardeners beware!

Deers can pose a proper menace to gardeners, especially if you take pride in your garden and have an assortment of lush vegetation, deer will always go for the larger plants and months of sowing and growing can be destroyed in a matter of seconds – if you have the necessary materials, in these cases it would be wise to surround or shroud your plants in a thick flaxen cloth or a cloth which is impenetrable. The deer will give up and move on.

We are the Pests Worst Enemy

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