Bird Control Netting can be very effective.

Bird control needs to be handled with care. Birds can be a nuisance, noisy and their faeces can be very acidic staining garden furniture and attracting vermin.

Bird Netting Packs

We can supply & install nettings. Our bird netting packs come with instructions and everything you need to effectively install a proper pigeon netting package.
We can give advice on net installations for many types of property.

If you would like a survey, please call 01793 770807 or contact us using our enquiry form!

We offer pigeon control netting small bird nets, sparrow and starling netting and can also offer Seagull Control Netting, the latter is more complex than smaller bird net installations and therefore you will need to speak to us regarding seagull control.Nets can be ordered in set sizes or we can supply pigeon net, sparrow netting and starling net cut to the exact sizes you require.If you are installing a bird net where access will not be easy after installation then be sure to install a Birdscape into the net to allow any trapped birds to escape easily. Only needed if you feel you may be trapping birds unintentionally.

We are the Pests Worst Enemy

Category : Services Posted on October 13, 2010

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